Please help! How to attach an i-cord?

Well, this is my very first post as I am a newbie to this site! While I’m not a beginning knitter I would not describe myself as advanced either and so, with this in mind, I have found the videos to be extremely helpful!

So this is my situation. I know how to make an i-cord, but I don’t know how to attach it! I have already made some mittens and I have already made, but not completed, an i-cord. Have I put the cart before the horse by making the length of i-cord before attaching it to the mittens? What stitches do I pick up where to attach them? (The cord will be to join the mittens I have made for my 3 year-old. Think going through the coat so they don’t get lost!) Perhaps I need to reread the printed instructions given with the video here for i-cord, but any instructional clarification, or even a video link, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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I think I would just sew the i-cord ends securely just inside the cuff edges on the side away from the thumbs. There may be a way to knit them on, but it might drag at the edge that way.