Please Help! Difficulty with dog jumper pattern!


So I started knitting a couple of weeks ago and started out with quite a hard pattern for a dog jumper… I’m a bit confused about how the pattern has been written, if someone could explain that would be awesome thanks!

So I have knitted the beginning neck bit and then increased stitches into the back part. Its a P2.K2. pattern to make the ribbing. There are 4 rows which establish the pattern including chart rows in the middle. Then at the end of these four rows its states:

"Cont in pat as established, keeping cont of Chart, inc 1 st at each end of needle on next 5 rows, then following alt rows 15 times, take incr sts into pat and ending with the RS facing for next row. "

I took this to mean, go back to the top and repeat those 4 rows with the appropriate row in the chart. I’ve struggled to keep track of numbers of stitches so I have started using markers. But the pattern still doesn’t look like anything so Im wondering if I should have just been P2.K2 as I could see in the pattern, incorporating the inc stitches instead of repeating those 4 rows? The third row of those 4 rows includes a C2B.P2 stitch though which I wouldn’t know where to place without those 4 rows?

Any thoughts?


Welcome to KH and to knitting!
This looks like a background of mostly k2p2 ribbing so I think your suggestion to watch the ribbing and make sure you keep to that pattern is a good one. You might keep a list of row numbers and note which are increase rows and which are cable cross rows. You could even add a column for the chart row. I usually do this with a paper and pencil but any way that makes sense to you is fine. A sticky note also works well for keeping your place in the chart.
Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link to a photo?

Thank you! I am struggling to picture when the cable stitch should happen, this is the picture I have

It looks like you only have the 3 lines of cables. Those lines continue down the sweater. The increase sts would then only have to be incorporated into the k2p2 rib.