Please Help Converting Round Pattern to Flat!

CO 160 sts
Row 1: P2, K2 across row
Row 2, 3, 4: P2, K2, M1 across row
Row 5, 6, 7: P2, K3, M1 across row
Row 8, 9, 10: P2, K4, M1 across row
Row 11, 12, 13: P2, K5, M1 across row
Row 14, 15, 16: P2, K6, M1 across row
Row 17, 18, 19: P2, K7, M1 across row
Row 20: P2, K8, M1 across row
Row 21: P2, K9 across row

Would I just reverse the Knits and Purls on the even (WS) rows? I just tried knitting it flat following the directions for in the round, but it just came out looking like a big mess. Don’t want to do anything else until I get some advice.

Also, it says to M1 Knitwise. Is that any different from picking up the strand below and K into the back loop?

Thanks for any help.

BTW, the pattern is for a skirt flounce.

I feel pretty certain that this is what you would do. It’s what I do, and it generally works for something that’s just knit and purl.

So I tried doing it with opposite knits and purls on the WS rows, and disaster. It’s just an even more garbled mess of k and p sts than following the in the round directions. Not nearly resembling a nice flouncy bouncy ruffle in any way, shape or form. So frustrated! :wall: What am I doing wrong? :shrug: I really want the flounce to be knit flat and then knit the skirt up in the round, so there is a nice slit.

PLEASE someone who knows better than I do, how do I get this to work? :verysad:

When you change circular to flat, you not only have to reverse the knits to purls and purls to knit, you have to read the wrong-side rows in the opposite order than they’re written.


I’ll try that and see how it works out.

One more question, though. How do I M1 in the 1st st of the row?

Oh, and also, what about the make 1 knitwise? Is that any different than M1F?

You could do the M1 after the first k stitch, and then do it after the purls for the rest of the row. M1 knitwise is when you pick up the bar from front to back with the left tip and knit into the tiny loop in the back.