Please help: Baby Booties, T-Strap Section

Hello, I am doing this baby booties project for my 4-month-old niece.

This is the link of the pattern:

The expected sole length would be 9cm, so I casted on 28 stitches and worked from there last night. Everything was just fine until I reach the Strap section this morning. After casting on 12 stitches for the strap, the pattern says that I have to turn then ssk. However, the ssk undid the cast-on stitches. I am using knit-on cast on technique, maybe that’s why?

My questions are:

  • On the Shape Top section Row 5: k7 and slip to stitch holder, bind off the next 7sts, k2, then bind off the next 7sts. 7+7+2+7 sts which left me with remaining 8sts (31-23 = 8sts) to knit. While on the next row (Strap Section), I have to continue over remaining 7sts. Where does the extra 1 stitch go? :’)
  • Then, how do I manage to do ssk without undoing the cast-on sts?
    If it is because of the cast-on technique…
  • What is the best cast-on technique for this pattern (where you have to casting back on after binded off the previous row)?

Any help will be very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

In the directions for row 5, there’s one stitch that you’re not accounting for.
K 7 and sl to a holder for button tab, bind off next 7 sts, k 2, sl last 3 sts from right hand needle to holder for t-strap, bind off next 7 sts, knit to end of row.
It takes 8sts to bind off 7sts. When you work the first bind off of 7sts, you’ll have one stitch remaining on the right hand needle. Then you k2 but slip the last 3sts to a holder for the t-strap.
For the last bind off of 7, you’ll again need to work 8sts. After the bind off there’ll be one stitch on the right hand needle. That levers you with 6sts to knit or a total of 7sts in that section of the bootie.

The knit cast on is a good one to use. Are you working it like this:

This won’t unravel when you work the ssk (a thumb loop cast on won’t work here). The one quibble I have with the directions is that you don’t need to “Turn” after the cast on. The sts are already on the left hand needle, ready to knit.

Thank you so much for your reply. The last row of Shape Top section solved :slight_smile:
However, I am still trying to figure out the ssk right after cast on. Below I attached the picture when I slipped the first stitch, and when I was going to slip the next stitch, it would unravel both stitches. What did I do wrong? :sweat_smile:

Yes, I use the knit-on cast-on like one in the video.
Please help (again). Thank you so much!

Make sure to finish the last cast on stitch so you have 12sts. Then try just knitting the last 2sts together through the back loop. The ssk works too but this will have the same effect and be just as good here.
I tried a small sample with the ssk:

Sts cast on
ssk on the right needle
Completed row with ssk and yo on the right

Ah, I see! I just tried not to give the stitch an extra tug while did the slip st so it won’t unravel :blush:

This is the result after binding off the Strap (I also ran out of my scrap yarn, I am planning to join a new ball of yarn later on). I don’t know if this is correct, but the strap doesn’t look heading to the right direction :crazy_face:
Which direction should I slip sts from the stitch holder and how do I join the strap? I really wish the pattern gave me some pictures as illustrations because it is surely confusing for a beginner like me.

Thank you for your help.

The bootie is going to be adorable in the multi-color yarn you’ve chosen.
Yes, the strap looks like it’s facing the wrong direction. On the first strap row, you have the last 7sts that were knit on the needle. Knit across those sts then cast on 12sts for the strap. It looks like you may have added the 12sts before knitting across the 7sts.