Please help a new knitter with a very quick question

I am knitting a very basic scarf - knit all the way across. I am at the end of a row and somehow the tail is though the second to last loop but not the last one. All of the loops are on one needle as if the row is finished. Can someone please tell me how to fix this? :aww:

See attached picture for visual

You didn’t work that last stitch, but somehow just slipped it over to that needle. Put it back on the other needle and hold your work so that it is like that lone stitch is the last stitch on your left needle and hold the needle with all the stitches in it your right hand, work the one stitch (knit or purl–whatever you were doing on the last row) onto the needle in your right hand that is holding all the other stitches. Now the yarn will be connected to the right stitch and you are ready to turn and work the next row.

Thank you!! I should mention I knit the continental style. Does that effect which side my stiches should be on? I tried the follow the advise above but it doesnt seem to be working for me.

I’m sorry. I’m sure that is what the problem is. Let me try to explain again. I knit Continental too.

Turn the piece of knitting so that you are holding the needle with the stitches on it in your right hand and the pointed end is facing to the left, and the yarn coming from the 2nd stitch from the tip. Take up your empty needle in your left hand and move that end stitch to the left needle, straight on, without twisting it or anything. Now you have the needle with most of the stitches on it in your right hand and the needle with 1 stitch on it in your left hand. Take the working yarn in your left hand (I believe you are just doing garter stitch, knit every row, is that right?), hold the yarn behind the left needle (the position to knit), knit that lone stitch so that it joins its comrades on the right needle. Did it work that time?

Yes!!! Thank you sooooo much - that worked - yay!! are such a good teacher…thanks for explaining it with so much detail. Thanks again :slight_smile: Have a great night!

Detail is my middle name. :lol: You’re welcome. Sitting beside you to show you is easier than having to spell it out with words. I’m glad you got it!!