Please double check my interpretation

This is for sleeves, starting with 40 st

Beginning with a k row, work in st st and inc one st at each end of the 3rd and every foll 4th row until there are 54 sts.

Row 1 = k
Row 2 = p
Row 3 = k + 2, 42 st
Row 4 = p + 2 , 44 st
Row 5 = k
Row 6 = p
Row 7 = k
Row 8 = p + 2, 46 st
Row 9 = k
Row 10 = p
Row 11 = k
Row 12 = p + 2, 48 st

And so forth (or fourth :wink: until I get to 54 st (I figured it to come out to 24 rows). After that it goes straight until it’s 4 1/4 inches from the CO edge.

Is it unusual to have your increases on the purl side? Or did I figure that incorrectly and they should be on the K side? Or is it the foll fourth rows AFTER the third row, which would be 7, 11, 15, etc., which are the knit rows and I calculate ending at 27 rows?

After your increase on row 3, I would do the next increase row on row 7, and then 11, 15, etc. until you reach your desired number of stitches. I don’t think it’s meant to have two increase rows one after the other.

Great, thanks! I do think the second option makes more sense, and would be easier anyway!

I’m glad I figured out to do both sleeves at the same time too! :happydance: