Please don't tell me I have to frog it

Hello! I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself here. I learned to knit several years ago by doing Silver’s sock class. Up until now all I’ve knit is socks using her instructions. I recently started knitting The GAAA. A CHALLENGE for a novice like myself. BUT I was actually doing well….almost done with my first square until this morning I notice near the bottom of my almost completed first square there is a huge loop of yarn. I was working on it last night and didn’t notice this, so I’m not sure when it happened. Doesn’t look like I dropped a stitch anywhere, but I’m not sure how to work this loop back in without ripping out the whole thing, and I DON’T want to do that…I’m almost done!!!
Thanks for your help!

you probably pulled a stitch. You should be able to work it into the fabric by using the tip of a needle or a toothpick or crochet hook to tease the <s>warn</s> yarn along it’s path into the neighhboring stitches.