Plastic handled purse

I’m looking for a pattern for a purse with plastic handles. I found this one on KPC, but does it seem that this thing is super tiny?

Also… I have a pattern that I like, but how could I do handles like this? Can they be knit right in and then felted with the item? If they are plastic it should fine I’d think…

Any other patterns you know of pass them along. Thanks!

I knitted that purse and it’s super tiny!
You attache the handles after you felted the purse. For that you knit a flap that you fold over the handle and handsew it to the inside(depends on what kind of handles you want to use).

If you want to have a rectangulare purse, I think you can easily make a pattern yourself :thumbsup:

I’ve seen some that look like they are knitted in, but maybe not. Since that pattern is so simple I could probably just make it bigger. Thanks for letting me know it’s dinky as is. :wink:

Any other thoughts anyone? Other purse patterns with handles?

I have several sets of “handles” some I got on sale and some I just really liked. That lion brand pattern is the ONLY one I have been able to find. If anyone has another pattern I would love to see it! The LAST thing I need is a “stash” of purse handles!!!

I was looking for something too!

My boyfriend’s mother bought me 4 or 5 sets of new in the package handles at her Church sale. They’re very cool and vintage, but I have no clue what to use them for. Maybe I’ll sew a knitting bag :slight_smile:

She also picked up 3 pair of circular needles for my stash. :smiley: