Placket on pullover sweater

My grandson chose a sweater pattern he likes, a hooded placket-front pullover. I decided to work it top-down. Let’s see if I can ask my question so it makes sense.

The placket is 8 stitches wide in garter stitch. There are two parts to the plackets with one being knit at each end. When I get to the point where I join to work in the round, is there a way to join the bottom sections of the placket, overlapped, or will I have to bind off one side and then stitch it in place later?

So far so good, I learned to do a crocheted provisional cast on since the pattern is for working the hood from live stitches placed on holders all around the top. I just now realized an error I made, I should have cast on normally for the placket front parts but I’ll bind them off when I get to the hood. Live and learn!

TIA for any help.

Yes, usually on the placket, you put 8 sts on another needle, overlap them and knit a stitch from one needle together with a stitch from the other, something like doing the 3 needle BO, but you’re not binding off.

I was thinking I could do something like that. Thanks. I think I saved a link to a video even if I can just find it.