Placing marker on last stitch

I am knitting a one piece baby cardigan and the pattern says K17. M1. K1(place marker on last stitch). M1…Do I place the marker after I knit the K1 or after M1. Also when you cast on with long tail method does that count as one row?

I made this cardigan and after I completed it the right front looked correct but the left front ended on the back and the left back ended on the front. I followed the directions and started a second cardigan and I can see the same thing happening. I don’t know where I am going wrong. Please help!

Can you link the pattern?

I don’t put my markers [I]on[/I] my stitches, so in order to later follow the directions exactly for Row 5, I would put my marker before the K1 in the row you just described. So, K14, M1, place marker, K1, M1. When you have to place markers later, you can do the same - place the marker [I]before[/I] the last stitch.

However you do it, on Row 5, you want to knit through the M1 of the previous increase row, the M1, K1, M1 on the K1 stitch of that row.

As for your cast on, that usually doesn’t count as a row.

I 'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I have been working on this cardigan and am so confused. I have taken it apart 3 times now because it is still coming out wrong. One side of the front® grows while the other front(L) remains the same.
For example:
on row 3 you knit 14, M1 place marker, K1, M1…repeat specified stitches 3 times BUT when you get to the end, which would be the other front, you don’t increase. You just knit 14 to the end. The next row is a straight across purl row, so no adding stitches. Row 5 adds a stitch to the first front but not on the last front. This doesn’t make sense and I am having so much trouble trying to see where I am going wrong. Is the pattern incorrect or am I interpreting this all wrong. Thank you so much for reading this.

On row 3 you should have 4 markers with increases on either side of the center knit stitch (bolded)
K17. M1. [B]K1[/B] (place marker on last st). M1. K13. M1. [B]K1[/B] (place marker on last st). M1. K34. M1. [B]K1[/B] (place marker on last st). M1. K13. M1. [B]K1[/B] (place marker on last st). M1. K17. 106 sts.

On row 5 the instructions are to knit to the marked stitch and increase before and after it and then repeat this step 3 times more. These instructions have an asterisk before and after which indicates the steps to repeat.
[B][/B]Knit to marked st. M1. K1. M1. Rep from [B][/B] 3 times more. Knit to end of row

When you do that you’ll have symmetrical increases at the raglan seams on either side of the sleeves, in 4 places. (17sts LF-13sts sleeve-34sts back-13sts sleeve-17sts RF)

It worked!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.