Placing cast-on stitches back on a needle

I am working on this pattern

It has me do the cuff separately from the rest of the glove, so right now I have a long band and I need to take the two ends and graft them together to make a circle. The pattern wants me to put the cast on stitches back on a needle so that I have both ends of the band on a needle and can graft them (I assume kitchener). I have no idea how to go about putting those stitches onto a needle…I don’t know where to insert the needle. Does anyone have a video showing how to do this?

I found this video for continental cast on which seems to be long tail cast on.

Can you pick up sts by putting your needle into the overlapping side of the cast on (instead of the bumpy side).? If not, you’ll probably have to pick up sts in the cast on.

I wonder what is meant by Continental cast on. Long tail cast on? A provisional cast on would have been better IMO. You’d then have the live stitches ready to graft. I think at this point you can pick up and knit as in the video salmonmac posted, bind off the end and seam it to the cast on, or frog and start over. When I did a cable band for a hat I started with a provisional cast on and then Kitchener stitched the ends together.

Those are cute gloves.