Placed my first KP order, but

I haven’t recieved confirmation of the order and it has been over an hour. When I check “order status” it says that there is no order for my account in the past 30 days. Should I chalk this up to it being a holiday? Most places have those things automated so I was expecting an instant reply and (of course) I forgot to print my order (not even sure if I could recreate it!!)

patience grasshopper patience

The worst thing is that I want my yarn NOW!!! We leave on vacation on the 13th for 8 glorious days, but I want to take some with me and I am hoping to have my modified Booga bag done by then. I know I ordered WOTA in Blueberry, Stream, Winter Night, Blue Bonnet, Rain and Chambray. I’m going to knit the booga in graduating blues from darkest to lightest. (and hopefully I will be smart enough to remember to save some to do the same with the handle!) I also bought yarn in something (not the Twist) to make a fringed purse with (I already have something similar to Sparkles that the kids gave me for Yule). I also ordered a bunch of sock yarns both patterny and plain, but now can’t remember what I settled on. Oh and some of the Shine in Turquoise to make my dd the beaded beanie (and ordered the pattern). But I just can’t remember now what all I ordered. DANG!

I’m not a very patient person when it comes to internet orders, but I wanted to get the WOTA to make the booga.

Their website says they’re closed until the 2nd - you just missed them - they closed yesterday at 12noon. Too bad!! That means I can’t order my yarn either!

So does closed mean they aren’t taking any orders or does closed mean they aren’t processing any orders? If I don’t hear anything Monday I’ll call I guess.

It didn’t really say, but I would assume both.

Update: I got an e-mail from KP yesterday that my order was being processed. :smiley: I guess they just gave the whole system a vacation this weekend. I just found it odd as most online stores have an automated system that sends out an e-mail that details your order and charges even at 2 am. Has anyone shopped at KP late at night and gotten order confirmation that late? Just curious. Anyway, I still can’t remember what I ordered and it wasn’t on the order confirmation (just the total charged to my card) I guess it will be like opening another present when it comes! “Oooo, I ordered this?” :roflhard:

They don’t seem to be automated. I have always received a confirmation during regular biz hours even if I shopped at midnight.

Thanks, Vicki. I’ll keep that in mind if I get a wild hair to go yarn shopping at 2 am :smiley:

yeah and don’t expect that “check order” thing to work …ever.

as I recall you are out here in my neck of the woods too…it will be touch and go as to whether or not you receive it before you leave on your trip. :rollseyes: whenever i have used the free regular shipping it has taken [color=orange]forevah[/color] for it to arrive. when i have sprung for the difference between the free stuff and the expedited shipping it has arrived in 3 days.

Omaha is in Florida? :smiley: Actually I tend to get things fairly quickly from that area of the country. Maybe on the right “mail shoot” or something. but anything coming from North Carolina or Georgia takes forever (both ways). Hopefully it will get here before my vacation.

Knitpicks’ corporate headquarters is in Vancouver, Washington, and their distribution center is in Grove City, Ohio. I’m in Dublin, Ohio so my orders always come really fast, wether I pay for shipping or not. I usually have my order in hand 3 days after placing it.
Knitpicks About Us page
Any idea how long a package from Ohio should take?

okay i could have sworn you were in Iowa or Missouri…oooooooh well.

From Ohio it should take 4-5 days once shipped. I leave in 10 days. AAAIIGGHHH!! If it comes after we leave it won’t be that big of a deal because my mom will be coming over daily to check on the cats. Hmmm. Mom’s a knitter. You don’t think they would ship it in a plain brown wrapper do you? :roflhard: