Place Marker?

I have a PATTERN . It states: “Work 7 sts in Seed St, place marker, work Row 1 of Hourglass Pattern over center 109 sts, place marker, work 7 sts in Seed St”.

What does place marker mean?

You place a stitch marker to remind you to do something at that place in the pattern. Its basically a ring of some sort that goes on your needle between sts and is slipped to the other needle when you come to it.

And they look like this:

Wow those are some fancy ones, I still use the plain old plastic ones, and if the cat steals those, I just use a strand of contrasting yarn. I need some of those to make things look pretty… :inlove:

I just tie a little circle of contrasting color yarn, too…

hehe…They are groovy! I just made me some blue ones last week that are KILLER.

I used to use the yarn-loop method, but it always fell off!

damn girl… I just peeked at your blog. I’m ordering some right now. you ROCK. :inlove:

i tend to forget what i am doing and knit it into the work but it is easily enough fixed. :rollseyes: i am pretty sure that i would lose your pretty ones before i even had a chance to use them!

Well, brenda, I’m coming up with a solution to that! hehe :slight_smile:

homing devices? GPS? Lo-jack?

LOL! If only!!! Actually, it’s a bangle that you can wear, slip your markers off and on, and put them back. I’ll have pictures up soon…

I’m off to have a look at your blog now, Denise… :heart: :heart: the markers and the bracelet idea is too cool :sunglasses: …will be a must have!!! Let us know when u get the pics up!!!

I sure will!!! I’m having such a blast making the markers, and it’s very exciting to be dreaming of jooolrey again!

Well, you are very, very good at it…now, are you combining your jewelry skills within your knitting?! imagination is fast at work…what have you come up with?!

Scroll a couple posts up, goober!!!


Way to insult the customers!! :thumbsup:

I would NEVER do that! Goober is a term of endearment round here!!!

I use the little white rings that would go on curtain rods - when my parents remodeled and were tossing them, I pulled them all off and they work great - just little plastic circles, but they were free. :happydance:

I’m always looking for inexpensive alternative tools.

For small stitch holders, I use paper clips partially unbent.

I meant within the project…not marking places, dummy…excuse me, …I meant honey :wink:

Poverty breeds ingenuity, as Vicki says :slight_smile: