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I’m fairly new to knitting (about a year or so), and have undertaken a baby bonnet pattern for a grandchild-to-come. The instructions say to “place marker on last stitch” and I’m not sure what this means. I know about placing markers that are slipped throughout the pattern, but this sounds like I should attach a marker into a stitch that has been made. If this is correct, where should the marker be placed, onto the stitch that is on the needle, or onto the stitch just below the needle? And should the marker remain there, or be moved up as the rows are knit? As the pattern progresses, the instructions reference the “marked stitch” (to be knit or purled as necessary).

I hope this makes sense and someone can clarify this for me!

Laura, you are correct. That usually means that you’ll need to identify that particular stitch sometime later in the pattern and it will need to remain on the marked stitch. You can mark it with a safety pin, a locking stitch marker, or tie a loop of yarn around it. Anything that will show you which stitch was marked and can be removed from the final fabric. You can place the marker on either leg of the stitch or you can place it around both legs. Make sure you mark the stitch they indicate. If you want to mark the stitch below it so the marker doesn’t get in the way of knitting the next row, you may. You’ll need to remember when you come back to the marked stitch that you marked the stitch below.

Thank you for the quick reply!

So, the marker stays in the same spot for the remainder of the garment? As the knitting progresses, and I’m several rows along and the instructions say to knit (or purl) the marked stitch, is it hard to decipher where the marker is? In the piece that I’m knitting, there will be 5 markers along the row.


Most likely. It’ll stay in the same spot until you come back to that stitch. As long as what you use to mark it stands out, it’s pretty easy to find it when you need it. What pattern are you making?

It’s a Bernat pattern, called Leaf and Lace Set. It includes bonnet, cardigan and booties. It’s when you get into the Leaf pattern that markers need to be placed. Here is a portion of the instructions:

5th row: K1. *P1. Pm on last st. K6. yo. K1. yo. K6. Rep from * to last 2 sts. P1. Pm on last st. K1.
6th row: K1. K1 (marked st). *Purl to next marked st. K1 (marked stitch). Rep from * to last st. K1.

I have never knitted anything that requires placing markers in stitches, so I’m worried that I will have a hard time following the stitches down from where I’m working. I was wondering if I should move the markers up as I go.

Is there another place that refers to the marked stitch?

Oh, yes. Every row until the end of the Leaf pattern, which is another 12 rows. It gets more complicated. Here are the next 2 rows after the ones I entered above:

1st row: K1. P1 (marked st). yo. ssk. Knit to 2 sts before next marked st. K2tog. yo *K1 (marked st). yo. ssk. Knit to 2 sts before next marked st. K2tog. yo. Rep from * to last 2 sts. P1 (marked st). K1.
2nd row: K2. *K1. Purl to 1 st before next marked st. K1. Knit marked st. Rep from * to last st. K1.

And so on.

I’m beginning to think I bit off more than I can chew!

Ok. I googled the pattern.

It’s very beautiful. After reading through the pattern and referring to the chart, it looks like you do need to move the stitch markers up as you work. I think the markers indicate the first stitch of the pattern repeat. Sometimes referring to the pattern is very helpful as it was in this case. I’m surprised they don’t just say to place a marker.

You may prefer something different, but I would place markers on the needle before and after each stitch they want you to mark. I use wafer-thin rings for my markers. That way, you won’t have to keep track of whether a single marker is before or after the stitch because that will change based on right or wrong side.

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Oh, thank you. So I should place a marker before and after the stitch they indicate to be marked, and then slip them as I work?

Yes. That would work. And it will indicate from either side of the work which is the marked stitch.

Thank you, you’ve been so helpful! I’ve already ripped out and restarted this thing 3 times, but now I think I can get it right. I wish I had found this forum a long time ago, it’s wonderful!

Hi There!
I’m knitting the jacket in the 0/3 size for this pattern. I’ve completed the leaf pattern up thru row 12 and the additional rows for both sizes. I now have the stipulated 231 stitches on my needle. I am directed to change to the larger needles and work 10 rows in Lace Pat. Here is where I am confused. Row 1 and 3 of the lace pattern have ssk and K2tog in the directions across those rows. After knitting these in the pattern for 10 rows, my stitches have decreased dramatically. I not longer have enough stitches to continue the pattern. I asked Yarnspirations about what I did wrong. They responded by telling me, “As you work the lace pattern there are no increases or decreases, you will start and end with the same number of sts.”
I don’t see how that is possible with the ssk and K2tog in the two rows mentioned above. Am I missing something? I thought maybe I was doing the yo wrong, but the yo doesn’t add a stitch but just transfers the yarn in place for slipping knitwise for the ssk. Same for the yo before the P1 in row 3. That yo just places the yarn on the correct side to P1. I’m stumped as to how to keep the 231 stitches on each row of this lace pattern. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me!

Welcome to kH!
The yarn overs are supposed to add stitches. In row 1, purl 1 then take the yarn over the right needle to the back, slip the next 2sts and knit them through the back loop.
1st row: K1. *P1. yo. ssk. Rep from *

In row 3, k2tog and bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back and around once more to the front ready to purl 1.
3rd row: K1. P1. *K2tog. yo. P1.

In each case you should have a new strand of yarn over the right needle, creating a new stitch after the yarn over.

Oh, thank you so much for helping me understand! It is so wonderful to have this forum to turn to for coaching. I appreciate your advice/expertise & value the time you’ve taken out of your busy life to address my concern!

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You can clip them to the stitch directly below. You can also slip it over the needle. It’s a place marker. Use whatever you have. I have used paper clips and Bobby pins as well. I like the plastic safety pin types. They are like 10 of them for $5. I always lose mine. Or the cat knocks them off onto the floor and plays hockey with them. I discovered that I can order a whole bag of 100-200 markers for $4 on Amazon. Check the company. It might be from China where it takes 6-8 weeks to get. Use American companies, preferably with free shipping or two day Prime.