Place marker at beginning of row?

Hi - so, I’m working on a robe, which is knitting in rectangular panels (1 back piece, 2 front panels, 2 arm pieces), then seamed together. currently, i’m working on the back panel knitting on straight needles (not in the round), which says:

  • knit for 20 inches
  • place a marker at the beginning and end of the row
  • knit the remaining 8 inches

I’m confused about placing the marker at the beg and end of the row. I’m assuming that the place markers aren’t kept on the needle and slipped as I finish the remaining 8 inches (otherwise, whats the point of having them?) and I’m assuming that I’m just marking the row so that when I attach the front to the back of the robe, I can match up the place markers at the armhole (similar to the notches used in sewing). Is this right? or am I completely off? and if this is correct, how do I put the place marker on the row and keep it there without having it permanently knitted into my robe? can i just use a little tiny string tied around the knit loop on each end of the robe?

many thanks to anyone who can give a little guidance!

You’ve hit the nail on the head all the way around. Just tie a little strand of different color yarn there and you’re all set.

well that was easy! guess i need to trust my instincts.
thanks so much!

Just EXACTLY the questions I had, nimble fingers, and why I got on the computer just now! Thank you! :slight_smile: I borrowed a couple of stitch markers, but then couldn’t see any way to do what they were asking (other than using yarn markers that could be removed later). Thanks for asking the question, and thanks to Ingrid for answering! I love this forun!

Sometimes I’ll take a piece of yarn or crochet thread in a contrasting color and weave it through a few stitches because it’s easier to see and know for sure just exactly where I meant for the marker to be. The yarn will stay in place but pull out easily when I’m done with it.

You can also use paper clips as stitch markers. Anything that can be hooked around a stitch (and stay there) would work fine!