Pity Party - You're all invited!

Where? Here
When? Now
Why? (The paragraph starts here) - Today is my birthday. It’s been a pretty good day all in all, other than I fell pretty crappy and came to work anyway. My co-workers and most of my family have been very sweet in wishing me a happy birthday…Here’s the awful part: My husband’s poor cousin, (who I barely have met, and he hasn’t seen in years and never was close to) passed away from ovarian cancer. It’s really sad, but I really don’t want to spend my birthday evening traveling to the funeral home for visitation. Now, I know that I am being very selfish, and I have refrained from posting a thread, but I am just ready to go home and feel bad and time is drawing near to get in the car and make the trip! To top it all off, now I have a toothache! Happy Birthday to me! :cry:

Ok - I admit, I really only posted this to beg for sympathy! Isn’t THAT sad???

Hey, we’re here for you :hug: Happy birthday to you :present:! Try not to feel bad about it… Sometimes things happen and we can’t control them. Just do it for your DH and then treat yourself to a nice dinner. Sending you hugs!

I see that my bad day has now been passed on to someone else. Sorry… but, I’m glad I no longer have the bad day too.

Happy birthday… hope you get to do something more fun this weekend as a late ‘celebration.’

Oh, Sharly. I’m sorry about the passing.

Just know that you are giving the ultimate gift to those grieving…comfort and support…during this sad time.

bleah Happy Birthday :slight_smile: I find that lots of birthday cake usually helps these sorts of things

Oh, I’m sorry. That’s no fun. But

Happy Birthday!!! :balloons::present:

You are completely entitled to feel crappy, with all that has gone on today.
You should treat yourself to some really special yarn as a birthday present to make up for it, or better yet, your DH should treat you!

Happy Birthday anyway. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

:frowning: Happy b-day though

It’s your own fault for not planning ahead and picking a better day to be born!

Happy Natal Anniversary anyway.

Aw Sharly, I’m sorry, but Happy Birthday anyway!


Good old Masion, always knows the right thing to say!

Happy birthday. Hope your trip is a safe one.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! Especially Mason! :roflhard: I really laughted out loud at that one!!

Happy belated birthday! I hope you get / had a chance to celebrate it! :thumbsup: