Pink vest top for baby

This morning I began to crochet a little vest top. First I crocheted the front and then the back, then added little straps to it. And it was done…!
Sounds simple but the truth is it took me most of the day as I didn’t have a pattern but it was so easy, I thought I’d just do it!
I took it out many times while I tried to decide how big the front should be. It seemed so big!
Anyway, long story short… here’s the little thing in all it’s glory! :slight_smile:
The back is longer than the front, just so you know and the yarn is stuff I had on hand.
Hope you like it… hope I can attach it… yikes!
TEMA :knitting:
No soap… so I’ll try something else… hopefully I will be able to do it soon…

Okay, so I still don’t know what I’m doing to put in pics but I got this one… hee hee!

I had to crop my picture and this is all I got… groan…!
Will try for the other half now… :slight_smile:

What a sweet little vest! it looks adorable. I hope you have good notes so that you can make this again. I bet that you get requests.

Thank you for the compliment, Salmonmac… No notes but I don’t think it was very hard.
I crocheted two squares and two rectangles. The front and back were the squares and the rectangles were the straps.
Then, I sewed the two sides together, then added the straps.
Really, easy - piece of cake! :slight_smile:
But, I confess to some problems as I had no idea how big to make each piece. I found something online that gave the dimensions of various sizes from baby to kid, chose one and went to work.
I really love the idea of not having a pattern… easy in this case but probably not so easy in something larger…
I always appreciate your good words… Thanks!
TEMA :yay: