Pink sweater...boy baby

The kid had better be comfortable with his feminine side! I made a pink kimono from Interweave Knits for my friend who was supposed to have a girl. :doh:

I have a blue one started for another friend who is due in January, but I’m thinking I might just give this new baby a gift certificate.

I’m going to see if my LYS wants to display the pink one.


I think the parents were probably more surprised than you were! :rofling:

Hah! The mom said that my reaction was almost the same as hers–happiness mingled with disbelief! :rofling: He’s a fabulous, healthy baby. And it’s good that he’s a boy, 'cause the mom says that he’s the last. They already have two girls.

The friend I started the blue one for has had a rough pregnancy with a number of ultrasounds, so that one will definitely need a blue sweater. Whew!

Oh no! Personally I think I would tell the mother that I had knitted a kimono in pink since it was expected to be a girl and see what she says. I don’t think I’d put pink on a little boy, but it may not bother everyone. Maybe you could make her something else, but tell her it’ll have to wait till after holidays? :wink:

I’d definitely put pink on a boy - my son, who’s now a teen, wore all sorts of colors as a wee lad…but then again, I’m an odd one!

WHy not? :??

Hey, didn’t you know that pink is all the rage with the boys my age these days? :wink:

WHy not? :??[/quote]

I guess because people are always asking if it’s a boy or a girl and putting pink on an infant would make them think “girl” automatically. Less explaining to do about it being a boy and yes, you are happy with a boy, etc.

I don’t have any issues with boys/men wearing pink polos or whatever if they like. My husband has a hot pink polo (about the color of this background around the forum stuff actually) and it doesn’t bother me. My daughters played with trucks and dug in the dirt, my nephews had dolls. I’m all for raising boys and girls alike.

My first date w/my husband was our senior ball, way back in 1975. The dress I made myself was a baby pink…when he asked what color tux to order, I gave him a list of colors, maroon, black, white, pink…PINK!!! says he…guess what he showed up in?

Yep, a pink tux jacket w/the black pants and cumberbund…boy did he look sharp! Of course, the best man at our wedding wasn’t too happy about his…

pat…still waiting patiently for November 26 and her Cat Bordhi class!

:lol: Isaiah was suppose to be a girl I kept saying I feel like boy… dh was like nahhhh his whole family bought pink!! My family stayed with yellows and greens cause of my feeling… my dh wouldn’t even hear boy names I have a picture of him holding Isaiah with girl names written on the dry erase board behind him I knew it was a boy!! Took us till the night before we were to go home to name him… Then he came weighing in at 10lbs and 10oz couldn’t wear any of the clothes cause he was in 3mos for about 2wks before going to 6mos :lol: I’d tell her about it she might want it for a keep sake or hold on to it for the girl baby!! I could have my lil girl in pink from head to toe and someone would say look at the cute lil boy :rofling: so he could wear it too :wink:


At ten pounds, he was twice the size I was when I was born. :shock: You all are making me afraid to ever have kids.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

The dr had told us around 8lbs (he was wrong on everything)… I was a week over due… all i could hear was oh my stars… oh my word… how did she… oh my… look at his head… and his chest… I asked my mom who was in the delivery room with dh and me what did I have??? Head was 15inches so was chest… LOL Then I had nurses coming in to see the “little girl who had the big baby” felt like a side show :rollseyes: LOL My lil girl was delivered by c-section cause of his weight she was delivered 2wks early and weighed in at 8lbs 9oz so she wouldn’t have been as big but still pretty good size…

ohhh don’t be scared I was terrified too before I had him but belive me it surprises ya and then you forget about it… a special miracle… I think I was more terrifed of the c-section cause of the spinal I actually cried LOL the dr said ya want me to cancel it and just let you have her I was like no I have prayed and I feel like this is the best way… The dr held my hand while I got the spinal and recited the Lord’s Prayer to me over and over so glad when that spinal was in and dh could come in with me I HATE needles!!

The music teacher at school just had a girl!!! I’m going to let DD give it to her! Yayy!! It wasn’t all for naught!

My LYS would have used it for display, so it wouldn’t have languished in my knitting box, but I’m glad it will be worn.

Off to dance class for DD, glasses fixing for big DD, and then karate for her and an Irish Music concert for me and the 5 yo tonight. God, I’m tired…

Ya’ll reminded me of this…

Douglas, my 15 year old came in the living room the other day ( he was on the phone with a friend) and asked how big he was at birth…I told him…9 lbs. 3 oz. He then asked how long were you in labor…I told him 3 minutes shy of 5 hours (he is my Jeopardy baby - it was on when I started with pushing). After he asked about Stephen, what his stats were…I told him 8 lbs. 4 oz and I was in labor for 1 hr 45 minutes. He comes back and said…“Man, Mom, you didn’t waste any time did you?” I nearly spit my tea out… :roflhard: