Pingouin & Katia yarn

Hi everyone, I have a few pattern books by pingouin and Katia, can anyone tell me the equivalent to these yarns please
Pingouin Stretch
Pingouin dodo
katia scotch
katia baltika.
Or maybe someone would explain how I work these things out for myself.

From what I read, Pingouin was bought out and the yarns discontinued. Your best bet is to match the gauge given for each pattern you want to make.

Then you could check out similar yarns on Yarndex until you find yarns with a similar content and gauge.

You can look up the Katia yarns on Yarndex and get an idea of what you could substitute for them or you could do a search and maybe buy what you need online if it is not available in your area.

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much, I will go and look now:woohoo: