Ping-Pong Bag

Found this yarn at the Dollar Store from Bernart for $1 a skein I got 6 of them , and my daughter wanted me to make the bag for her :XX: All she asked was to make it a little bigger :rollseyes:


What a bargain! And thank you for the link. I joined the site and found a tube sock pattern that I’m going to give a whirl. :XX:

:smiley: Nice find!! I know your daughter will love her bag :wink:

Great find!

Nice find! I need to check my dollar store to see if they carry yarn… :smiley:

My Dollar store only had the Bernat Ping pong in purple and the black and the sky Blue Velour I grab a bunch of each color I’ll be going back to see if they have any left… :rollseyes:


I have finished with the bag and lined it… I am just making the cord that takes longer than knitting the bag… :?? My daughter did not want the flap and the button …teenagers!!. :rollseyes:

fabulous! :cheering:

:smiley: That’s just perfect for a teenager, I know she loves it :thumbsup:


What a fun bag!

Mama Bear

Well it is all finished …I talked my daughter into putting a button to keep it closed …I think it came out great…


Looks fantastic - the button is a great touch!