Pine Burr Pattern

Hi everyone,
So I’m doing this pattern from Barbara Walker’s second treasury of knitting patterns - The directions say to,
K1, * (k1, yo, k1, yo, k1) in one stitch, k5 tog-b; rep from *, end k1.
Now I do have a cold and maybe that has something to do with it, but I cannot figure out how to work this row - how does one [I]knit 5 together behind[/I]??? I’ve done bobbles and quite a bit of lace but for whatever reason my brain isn’t working tonight and I need some help. Any suggestions?:shrug:

Does she explain anywhere what the b means? Sometimes it means below and I’m not sure about the other meaning. Maybe behind. Would that be through the back loop? I tried that and it works anyhow. Don’t know if it is what they want. I don’t think you could k5tog below.

Yeah I think they mean behind - I’m going to try again later this morning and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Not behind exactly, but through the back loop.

Yeah that makes sense - I’m just about to sit down and knit so I’ll let you all know how its going soon…

Well - I’ve tried it and so far its not looking so great - either its wrong or I’m just not liking this stitch pattern.

Give it several rows. Some st patterns don’t start looking right for a couplethree inches. And some that are lacey don’t look right until they’re blocked out. After you’ve done a few inches, lay it out flat and stretch it a bit to see if the pattern emerges. And yeah, you could be misreading something so it doesn’t look right.

Yeah I was doing it wrong. I figured it out thanks to all your lovely suggestions - it looks great! Thanks everyone!:cheering: :muah:

I’m glad you finally got it. Sometimes asking others somehow helps you figure it out yourself better. :thumbsup: