Pillow Cover question

I’m knitting a pillow cover and have started working on the back
section and had a quick question. I am planning to make it, I think
is called, an envelope closure. I am planning to knit two pieces that
are a bit over halfway across the back and then sew them on so that
they overlap in the middle. My question is what would be the best
stitch to use at the edge where the opening will be? I am doing the
back in stockinette so have to change the edging to it won’t curl but
I’m not sure if ribbing or moss stitch would be better. My first thought
was moss stitch but now I’m thinking the ribbing would offer stretch
for putting the pillow in and then pull back in to lay smooth and hold
it together…hmmmm

Any thoughts/opinions?
Libbie :slight_smile:

I’d vote for ribbing at it’ll have more elasticity and ensure the opening will stay flat. Think of it like the top of a pocket.


I like the idea of ribbing, too. However, you could do a folded edge instead. Just work your backing piece in st st to the length you want, ending on the RS. Do one purl row, then revert back to your st st for an inch or so. The lone purl row will cause the fabric to fold over for a hem. Whipstitch the hem edge on the wrong side and you’re done! It’s a little more work and it won’t stretch like the ribbing, but it gives a nice finish.

I like what Spokaloo suggested. But to take it one step further I’ve done double hemming on sweaters (sleeves, lower hem of body) but when I work the top edge of the pocket I do ribbing on the inside hem. Work the st st of the RS, do your turning row, and then however many rows of ribbing (KPK if odd # of sts, or try KKPPKK if even) you need. The ribbing on the inside will help snug the edge but you’ll have the clean finish of the st st hem on the RS.


Example of what I was referring to but not the best pic. Upper edges of pockets are ribbed on the back.

Example of what I was referring to. Upper edges of pockets are ribbed on back.

I like those ideas! I never thought of doing a hem and I like the idea
of the inside of the hem being ribbed!

Thank you!
Libbie :slight_smile: