Pilates/Yoga Mat bag

I only use my mat for pilates, but everyone knows them as a yoga mat, and I’m making the “yoga” mat bag from SNB nation. Very frustrating to me, as some of you may have found out. I’m not even sure I like the colors that I’m using for the lace, to be honest. I DO like the colors, but I dont know if it suits the pattern.

I think it looks good so far…and I like the colors…I tend to lean towards green and other brighter colors! Keep working, perhaps it’ll grow on you??

Angela, I love it! :smiley: I like the colours, they are bright and vibrant and I love that. :heart: What is the yarn??

I see you have your lifeline in, good idea! :thumbsup:

Those colors look really good together. I like - I like :slight_smile:

The yarn is peaches and cream from Wally world. lol. My boyfriends dad gets gift certificates for Walmart and gives them to my boyfriend as “spending” money sometimes. So he got me this yarn. It reminds me of Sugar and cream which is what it seems to be a generic rendition of. I dont particularly care for shopping at walmart, but i am a poor student. lol

Thanks for the support! I shall knit on for a few rows tonight before I konk out!

Ohh i love the colors :slight_smile: