Pie Are Square Shawl Diagonal Increase

Well, I feel really, really silly asking this, but I’m just not getting it. In the pattern, Ms. Zimmerman says:

Mark stitch #2 and stitch #19 with coilless saftey pins.

NOW, every other row . . . Knit to marked stitch, YO, Knit marked stitch, YO.

Repeat this at other end of row …

I know how to do YOs and all that, but I’m confused about how to use the stitch marker!! First of all, I don’t have any coilless safety pins on hand, but I do have the regular ring markers.

Do I actually place the marker in the stitch, or do I put it before, after … what???

I tried placing it before, but it got in the way when it came time to do the YO. And when I placed it in the actual stitch, well, it’s just going to keep moving on down w/ that stitch, right? And then how do I know which stitch to YO before and after? :help:

I put this in your blog, but I’ll put it here, too. I think one of the main purposes of coilless pins are to use for marking stitches so you can put them on easily without the yarn catching. I think she wants you to mark THOSE stitches, in particular. You don’t necessarily have to use coilless pins, though. I would think you could mark those st with a piece of contrasting yarn kind of draped through. Maybe not as convenient, but I’m sure you have some extra yarn laying around. :rollseyes:

Ingrid –

I saw your other note in my blog, too, and thank you for taking the time to pop on over here!!

What do I do as that marker continues on down the knitting, though? It’s not going to travel w/ me, and so how am I supposed to keep track of which stitch in the subsequent rows to YO before and after?

I have a feeling this is something I would be better off just trying.

Maybe that’s the purpose of the pin. You could move it up each row.

<deep breath> <exhale>

OK … I’m all right now. I went ahead and started my “test shawl” in some cheap acrylic yarn I had lying around, and I now understand what’s going on. I would imagine that Ms. Z probably didn’t even use the stitch markers because as you go along, the diagonal line of eyelets follows right on up. So, after the first few rows, you can just tell where you are supposed to make the YO if you’re paying attention.

I’m having so much fun w/ this test piece, that I may just knit it big enough for my DD. That way I can also test out the Sawtooth Border as well.

Thank you, Ingrid, for your emotional support! :slight_smile:

You’re probably right because these goofy plastic coils I’m using are really hard to move around. I also think it would be sufficient to move the markers up only every now and then because you really don’t need them right where you’re knitting.

Thanks again, Ingrid. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one up in the middle of the night knitting (or talking about it)!!