I have pictures of two knitted articles that I would like to have patterns for to knit. Does anyone out there create patterns from pictures? I can scan them and send the pictures if so.

Shoot…I can’t find the link, but there is a site that lets you upload a picture and then it generates a pattern for you! Maybe someone else has the link.

can you use this?

click HERE

Or maybe this:

I guess I worded my request wrong. I have pictures of 2 articles that I would like someone to write instructions on how to make them.[/img]

the first one looks like two rectangles sewn together until the armhole and then a drop sleeve is sewn into the top side seams and grafted at the top, that or it’s a tube with armhole shaping.

There’s a lot of shrug and bolero patterns out there. That just looks like an oversized one.

The other one, the only thing I can allude to is that it is possible that it was knitted mostly in entrelac.

I’m thinking you will probably get advice and support on how to write the pattern yourself than getting someone else to try to write it here for you.

Good luck :wink: