Picture book

I just checked this sweet picture book out of the library. It is really for children but I would buy a copy, even without kids.

Cuteness!!! She looks a little like Sheridan, too, with the golden pigtails :slight_smile:

Great idea! I hope a lot of kids want to learn how to knit!

So precious! I would buy this too. I love kids’ books…never had such lovely ones when I was a tot.
I actually bought myself a book …A House is a House for Me. had to search for it at Alibris, which locates difficult-to-find books.

I really like that book. I just bought that one, Red Berry Wool, and Farmer Brown Shears his Sheep. Mostly for using when I show kids how to knit and spin (been doing a lot of that lately.)

Found all of them on alibris.com much cheaper than amazon. I love books about knitting and sheep! Thankfully, my kids think it is super cool, since they know a little about it!