Pics of singles

Susan’s Spinning Bunny Tamarack & Spruce

I love the colors, despite being a poor spinner and only knowing the long draw method of drafting…

Fresh off the bobbin and on to the niddy noddy.

Oh, that’s nice. So pretty. :drool:

Yummmmmm, those are very pretty :cheering:

Wow! It’s beautiful!

I :heart: SPinning Bunny…though I haven’t bought anything there yet :roflhard: I go and drool on a daily basis! :wink:

The pic makes it look better than it actually is :teehee: Navajo ply it??

I would totally navajo ply it :thumbsup:

The downside is that you lose 2/3 of your yardage…but it’s soooo cool…

That is one of the most gorgeous colorways I’ve seen! Great job!