Pics of Knitty Gritty

Just thought i’d post a few pics of my 2nd taping of K.G. from this past Weds. with a couple of friends from my knitting group.
(I’m in light blue.)

The one with Vickie came out a little dark so we all have wolf eyes.
Had a blast . Didn’t fumble my words this time :wink:

If you go to Vickies blog you’ll see a couple of pics with Marnie and Amy.

what was the theme of the episode?

“Car Show” Fuzzy dice and Steering wheel cover.
Very cute, fast and easy to make.
If anyones interested I think I can come up with a site. The designer is Kelly ? designs. but, like I said if anyone’s interested i’ll find out the info.

Cool! Looks like fun.

[color=darkblue]That is SO neat. I can’t wait to see the show. I watch it every day I can. :slight_smile:

I wish I could watch it- I don’t get that channel!!! :frowning:

Waaaaa! I don’t get DIY here either… I need to call my Cable Co.
I just bought Vicki’s book about knitting things for kids. They had some fun items to include costumes and toys. there’s a knitted tool set and bowling pins with a ball that my nephew would get a bang out of. :thumbsup:
Way to go CK! So, what happens when the camera’s are off? When I was little I thought that everyone turned all the lights out and went home when I turned off the TV… talk about being self centered! :roflhard:

On the days I was there, as soon as an episode taping’s over people scatter to the dressing room or the food table.
And when tapings done for the day everyone’s outta there sooooo
-=F-A-S-T=- I guess 'cuz alot of them are in the studio from zero dark thirty in the morn. and if they go till 7 pm that’s a very long day.
I woke up at 5 am for the 1st time this year so I could get there by 7:30. I don’t see how my husband or anyone else for that matter can do that everyday. UUUggghhhhh. :fingerwag: not for me…

Oh… wow. I LOVE that show! I am recording all of the episodes so I can watch them all I want. I’ve got SO MANY ideas I want to try out from that show.

That would be such an amazing show to be on!

Looking good Conti knitter!!
Perhaps by the time the show airs, ya’ll will all get the channel :wink: !!