PICS OF FO Need some pants

Ok so im trying to be funny here… heres the story.

I make everything that i give for christmas and so last christmas my brother in law says to me…“Why dont you knit me some jeans, I need some jeans.”

Now, this guy is 6’ 7"ish and im not EVEN thinking about knitting him some pants, but…

Just to be funny, I want to knit him some jeans doll scale or smaller. What do yall think? Is this just stupid or should I go ahead. I came up with a pair just as a test, but If there is a pattern somewhere that would fit the bill…

What’s yalls opinion?

How about these?

those are adorable. but thats too much work. lol way too big. Im talking like keychain size or ken doll size.

Here are some ornament sized pants:

In fact, knit him a sweater to match, too!

Oh! You said doll and I was thinking bigger baby doll. Those ones that Marilyn posted would work. You could do the top stitching in gold thread. :teehee:

Those Pants are PERFECT!!! :muah: :woot:

Thank you!! I will!!! Now which one?? lol

This is toooo funny!! :roflhard:

Last night I found time to do this…
I took the picture with a tape measure for size comparison. I also sewed a pocket on the back.

and im sending it with this…
too funny. :roflhard: It’s not wrapped yet tho, so if any of yall smartallics can come up with something better…PLEASE DO tell me!!!

Thanks for the link to the pattern Mirl56!!

Maybe roll up and stick a $20.00 bill in the leg of them so if these don’t meet his need, he can go select his own. LOL

:roflhard: I love it! The money is a good idea if you were thinking of adding that much more. Otherwise a GC is a good idea, too.

Soo cute!!!

My husband wears carhartt logger jeans and he wanted to try them out so we got him some of those. So money in the leg is out. but forgive my ignorance Jan, but what is GC?

GC = Gift Card :teehee:

Those jeans are a little skinnier than I tend to like my skinny jeans.