Picot Progress


After trying over and over again trying to work the picot stitch according to my pattern instructions, I gave up. I used the instructions from the NexStitch website on making a simple picot stitch. I added 2 slip stitches in between each picot to keep it flat and sturdy, now I am on my way to getting my daughter’s jumper done. (Seems to be taking forever at this point.) After I finish up the second arm hole edging, I need to hem it and add the pockets, then it will be officially a FO! :teehee:

That’s looks great, congrats!

I love picot edging too, so thanks for the link.


WTG :cheering: Perseverance is paying off.

Nice touch for the dress!

very cute!

:hug: Thanks everyone, I have not gotten the hang of this I even started a purse to go with her jumper so I could put more picot edging on! :roflhard:

I am getting there, just sew up the hem and pockets and put a ribbon on it and were done!

oooohh Nice!!! [/list]