Picot Edging

I feel silly, but I can not find how to do the picot edging (bind off?) I know it is really pretty, but eeeeeeeeeeeeee:eyes:

Maybe you could direct me !!! :muah:

This is the one I used on the punk sleeves I made.

K1, place st back on left-hand needle, CO 2 sts, BO 4. *Sl St on right-hand needle back onto left-hand needle, CO 2 sts, BO 4. Repeat from * to end.

Picot edging is like a dance 3 steps forward, 2back, then 5 forward, 2 back, (ending hopefully with 2 or 3 forward!)

You bind off X (a number between 3 and 7) (forward steps)
then you cast on Y(a number between 2 and 5) (backwards steps)
(and the best cast on it use is the KNIT CAST ON!)

then you bind off X+Y
if you cast on 3, you must bind off those 3 (y) plus some X(normal bind off)

the bigger a number you have for Y (the Picot) the bigger a space there should be between the picots… (x)

Small picots, close together look nicer for the most part… (3 bound off to start, 2 cast on, 5 bound off, (ending with 2 or 3 bound off, after last picot) is to ME the ideal size. very delicate.

but i’ve seen Jumbo picots, (and big items, like poncho’s) and was surprized how good they looked–because I AM SURE ([B]but i was wrong!)[/B] big picots look dumb!

Great Info! I have questions though???
I want to use this on a circular project that will end with a large number of stitches. How can I calculate multiples so that this comes out evenly? Multiples of 4? My project will have two different size options.

The pattern will instruct to k2tog, yo
Then k1, M3
Then do the picot bind off, leaving Size #1 with 1180 sts and size #2 with 2360 sts. I want it to accent the edging after M3 in the Yo’s of the previous round.

I don’t want it to flare too much and would love for the picot to end up in the center of the M3.

Any help on this is appreciated…thanks!

Here’s some tutorials, too.

With so many sts, sounds like I need to do a *k1, k2tog, k1, yo" so that the tripled yos and picots are spread out a little. I feel a swatch is due!!!

Very helpful sites! Thanks, Jan!

This is a picot and a tuck stitch done together. It gives you extra weight at the end if you are looking for a banded bottom.

I just knit some lacy cuffs and did cast on and bind off for them (2 to 4).

[I]I believe[/I] the formula for the different size of picot is:
cast on 2 bind off 4 -small
cast on 3 bind off 6 -larger
cast on 4 bind off eight…-and so on