Picot Edging Question

I am supposed to do a picot edging on my daughter’s jumper and I want to practice first before I do it on the actual garmet. I understand how to do the picot stitch with the crochet hook, but what I don’t understand how exactly I am supposed to get it on the edge. I am rather confused.

Here are my instructions…
"With WS facing and beg at one shoulder seam, sc (single crochet?) evenly around the neck edge having a multiple of 3 stitches, join with sl st in first sc. Turn. CH 3 sk 2 sc [sc, ch 3, sl st] in next sc, *ch 3, sk 2 sc, [sc, ch 3 sl st] in next sc, rep from * join with a sl st in beg ch 3. Fasten off.

So if I translate… With wrong sides facing me, begin at one shoulder seam, single crochet evenly around the neck…then I get confused about what have a multiple of 3 stitches, up to the turn part…then I am guessing the directions indicate a picot stitch to but I don’t know how to translate those either, and then how do you get to the next picot stitch :wall:

Any help putting it in something more simple for me to understand would be assume! :teehee:

Those are all crochet instructions – there are ladies here who crochet as well as knit and maybe they’ll chime in here, but I found a link at lionbrand that instructs on crochet stitches:

And also a abbreviations guide.

Hope that helps.


SC evenly around the edge in any multiple of 3 (any number divisible by 3: 3, 6, 9…27, 30… 42…54). You’ll join that together with a sl st, turn the work and begin the picot. Each point is formed with the ch 3, sk 2 sc, [sc, ch 3 sl st] in next sc - the next sc is the base sc you put on first, so you will always be attaching to that and then moving onto the next point.

To do each point, you would chain 3, skip 2 of the single crochet base stitches, then in the third sc base st you would single crochet, chain 3, slip stitch. You would continue this way til you’re back to the original chain 3.

Humm, I think I am still confused. :shrug: Let’s take it one step at a time. I understand the single crochet…which I am guessing I pick up stitches along the edge to put them on. I don’t get what the multiple of 3 means? I searched around on the web and I can’t really find anything that explains that. Keep in mind I really know nothing about crochet other than making a single chain. :teehee:

Thanks I appreciate the help!!!

  1. Make a slip knot and place on your crochet hook.

  2. Place the hook inside the stitch where you want to begin.

  3. Yarn over and pull a loop through, and continue to pull through the slip knot.

  4. Chain 1 (this doesn’t count as a single crochet) and begin.

The multiple of 3 indicates that in order to make the pattern, you need a number of chains that are divisible by three, and then any additional chains the instructions may/may not indicate.

I hope this helps! Helen

Also, for videos, go to “Nexstitch” as she has great free videos on crochet and will help if you’re a visual person. :happydance:

You don’t need to do the chain 1 in Helen’s direction #4 - that would at the end of your first row if you were turning and making a second row of sc, which you’re not.

Here’s how I would go about the edging: Figure out the number of stitches along the edge you’re doing, let’s say it’s 64. 3 can go into 64 21 times, with one left over, so we know that we will pick up in 63 of those stitches (64 original st minus the one left over will give a number that can be evenly divided by 3 with no left over). You could also round up to picking up in 66 st, depending on how it’s looking as you’re going along, since you want to keep kind of a flat edge at this point.

Starting at your shoulder seam with WS facing, insert your hook into the first st where you want to pick up. Leave yourself a nice tail, 6 or 8 inches, have your yarn in back with tail to the right and YO the hook, draw it through the knitting to the front, YO again and pull that through the first loop on your hook. This is one sc. *Insert your hook into the next st to the left where you want to pick up (since you are picking up in every st but 1 this should be the very next st directly to the left of where you just made a st), YO the hook, draw it through the knitting to the front, YO again and pull that throught both loops on your hook. Repeat from * all the way around til you are back to the beginning. Somewhere along there you will either skip one st (to make 63) or pick up an extra 2 (to make 66) - you will have to see how it looks. When you get back to the stitch you started with you will join with a slip stitch (not the same as sl st in knitting) - you will insert your needle under the chain on the top of the first stitch you made, YO and pull that through to the front and through the loop on the needle. That finishes the base row.

Turn your work, *chain 3, insert your hook into the 3rd sc base st, YO, pull that through to the front, YO again and pull that throught both loops on your hook. Chain 3 more, insert your needle under the chain on the top of the sc stitch you just made, YO and pull that through to the front and through the loop on the needle. Repeat from * all the way around til you’re back to the original chain 3, at which point you would insert your needle into the base of the chain 3, YO and draw that to the front and the loop on your hook. Fasten off and weave in your ends.

With all that said, I’m thinking this is kind of a modified picot - usually your chains are anchored by a sl st OR a sc, not both, so I’m thinking this is making an edging with a protrusion (for lack of a better word in my just-woke-up-mind) in between the half loops of the chain sts.

Thanks, I will try that later tonight, I think if I get out my hook and try it again I will be able to get it. I did find the nexstitch videos last night and I did really like them, and definately will refer to them! Thanks again, especially Krazy4Kats for the extra help! I keep you posted on how I am doing!



Oh my goodness I have tried this over and over again and I just can’t seem to get it. I think I may just give up on the instructions in the pattern and try a different picot stitch. I just don’t get the part when you chain 3 again. I also don’t really get why the instrtuctions are in brackets???

I looked at the online videos and they make sense to me, however like krazy4kats said it’s more like a modified picot, so the instructions to do a picot are completely different from what I am reading.

I think after saying all of that I will just do a traditional picot stitch and not worry about this fancy one. Otherwise my this won’t be for my daughter but for my granddaughter!!! :roflhard:

:passedout: I need a cup of tea before I try this again.

The instructions in brackets indicate that you’re to do all those sts in the next stitch.