Picot cast on

OK you guys…I need help!!! On the knitty.com site there is a baby brimmed hat called MISS DASHWOOD that I want to make with a picot cast on. The directions are as follows;

Knitted Cast-on
Place slip knot on left needle. Insert right needle into loop, wrap yarn and draw through as if to knit but do not remove slip knot from needle. Place new stitch onto left needle. *Insert right needle into last stitch made on left needle. Wrap yarn and draw through as if to knit but do not remove stitch from left needle. Place new stitch on left needle. Repeat from * for knitted cast-on.

Picot Cast-on
Using Knitted Cast-on, *CO 5 sts, BO 2 sts, slip st rem on right needle back to left needle, repeat from * for Picot Cast-on.

Using circular needle and Picot Cast-on, CO 125[147, 158, 169, 180] sts. Place marker and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist.

I don’t understand how to count the CO stitches…I can actually do the picot however…HELP and Thanks!


once you are done casting on and binding off for each Picot you should be left with whatever number of stiches they tell you to cast on ( 125 for the smallest size )

Make sense ?