Picking up sts. around the neck

Hello my name is katherine and i am sure glad to find you! I am a knitter who quit some years ago and going back to it. My question is: I am knitting a sweater from “Crystal Palace yarns Waikki+kid Merino Combination” sw96. I got to the neck shaping and got lost. It reads" Work across the shoulder sts, then pick up sts around neck edges, and then work across the other shoulder sts.
How do i pick up sts that i have already binded off? If you find this pattern pleas help me. Make it very simple please!

Lady Katherine

Okay, so on your bind-off stitches, you should see two loops that lie like a V horizontally across the top of every stitch. (Like a column of stockinette stitches: <<<<<<<) Those are the stitches you’re going to pick-up.

Take your knitting needle (or your crochet hook if you’ve got one) and insert it underneath those two loops. Catch your working yarn and pull it back through. You’ve just picked up a stitch. Repeat for the next stitch, and the one after that and so on till you’ve picked up around the whole neckline. (And since you’re picking up around a bind-off edge, you should pick up one stitch for every stitch – don’t skip any loops.)

There’s a video up here somewhere that shows this… here you go.

I always pick up stitches with the crochet hook then place them on the needle. It seems a lot easier for me to do it this way and it isn’t as tight to get the knitting needle in and out of the stitch you are picking up besides it keeps from stretching that bound off stitch. Just my personal preference.