Picking up stitiches from CO end of i-cord?

I’m knitting the Regina Hat. Under the directions for the BRIM. It states:

"At the end of the last row use a single cast on (also called a backwards loop cast on) or your preferred method to cast on 3 sts to the tip of your right needle (this is understood). [COLOR=“Red”]THEN IT SAYS: "Pick up 3 sts from the CO end of your i-cord - you will now have an i-cord loop on your needle. [/COLOR]

That’s where I get confused – is there a video that should show me visibly what’s being directed [COLOR=“red”]here[/COLOR]? HELP!

:knitting: Tawny a.k.a. hafropinayprincess

You’ll be picking up one stitch for each stitch at the cast on edge of the I cord. It’s similar to picking up sts along any edge, maybe a little more fiddley because you’re working in a small circular area.
See if this video for picking up sts helps.

What a great looking hat!

I too am pulling hair out on trying to figure out HOW TO MAKE THE I CORD ‘LOOP’ portion of the Regina hat.
I’ve searched online without luck on how to follow the steps after you have knitted 2 inches f the i cord.
can only find either pdf instructions, which I cannot understand clearly or videos that show how to attach or add i cord to existing projects!
Is there a video that shows how to complete this step?
Thank you

It does sound confusing at first. So at the moment you have the 2 inches of I-cord on the needle (3sts). Use the working yarn, that is, the yarn coming off the ball of yarn to cast on 3 more sts right next to the I-cord sts (6sts total on needle). You can use the backward loop as suggested by the directions or a knit cast on, whichever you prefer.
Take a look at the cast on end of the I-cord. You now need to pick up 3sts in that end. Again use the working yarn and the needle that has the 6sts on it to pick up 3sts from the I-cord cast on. Insert the tip of the needle into a stitch or the space between sts and pull up a loop of the working yarn. Do that 2 more times for a total of 9sts on the needle. The I-cord will now be joined into a loop of sorts instead of hanging off the needle.