Picking Up Stitches

Whenever I pick up stitches, I get holes…like the new stitch is pulling the old stitch away from the knit fabric too much. How do you all avoid this?
I wonder if I’m either picking up too close to the edge, or too far in…I also have a hard time deciding where I should pick up stitches.

Like when they say “pick up 80 stitches evenly”…I can never space them out well…

when it says to pick up 80 stitches and you have more or less than 80 to pick up from, I like to divide the area I’m working with into even 4 or more even sections so I know that I have to pick up 20 in the first area, 20 in the second…

I’ve also found that it looks a bit more even after you knit a few rows after picking up the stitches. Everything kinda works itself out.

I don’t know what to tell you about the holes…

I do it with the smallest crochet hook that can hold the yarn.
then it doesn’t pull on anything.
but it takes longer.