Picking up stitches

Hello there,

I am attempting to knit a booga bag–one of my first projects, so I’m a bit confused. I am having trouble picking up the stitches after I knit the bottom rectangle of the bag. I tried watching the KH video, and that helped a bit, but I am still a little lost. :??

This may be a silly question, but when I’m trying to pick up the stitches, am I correct in leaving it on the circular needles? The point where I’m trying to start picking up is right near the needle where the work is. (Does that make sense?) Should I slide the work down so it is hanging off the center cable?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks :smiley:

The stitches you are picking up are going to continue immediately after the last stitch you just knitted, as you said. So you will use the needle that has the stitches on it. I don’t think I would slide my work very far down the cable for that. I’m thinking that would leave too much room between your last stitch and your first picked-up stitch. It does feel awkward at first, and the booga bag was the first time I ever picked up stitches. I had to have someone show me since I had not discovered this website yet.

Sure, slide the stitches down to the other end if you want, pick up some from the side, then even out the stitches on your needle as you continue going around.