Picking up stitches - top down cardigan pattern

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had a solution for my problem. I am stuck on row 4 as I am required to pick up and knit 3 stitches from the side of the work however I’m not sure how to do this.

When I search ‘how to pick up stitches’ on YouTube it requires a different ball of yarn and I only have 1 of this particular colour I’m using.

Any advice would be much appreciated :blush:!


What is the name of your pattern?

You should be able to use the working yarn strand to pick up the stitches. Work across the row in rib, then turn to the side and pick up 3sts. It’s somewhat similar to this video if you imagine that the sts first picked up have been knitting rows. At about 3:00min, Amy turns the knitting and starts picking up along the next edge.

The same is true for the next row which has the pick up of sts on the opposite edge. The only problem I see is that one of these rows is a wrong side row so you’re going to have to be careful about how you pick up the sts so that the right side of the knit fabric (the public side) is facing.

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Thank you for your response! I’ll take what you have said on board and see if I can work it out. It is the ‘Oh Baby! Cardi’ on ravelry which is a free and popular pattern

Very nice!

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Hello, you might like to read and save this information for another day - about “picking up stitches” from a knowledgeable and entertaining blogger. https://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2009/06/24/pick-up_lines.html
It sounds like you’re on the right track for this pattern!

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Thank you so much! This is very helpful :slight_smile: