Picking up stitches on lace

Hello everyone,

Studying the instructions for my summer project (all over lace cardigan Ninon) waiting for my yarn delivery. This pattern is a top down, drop shoulder, open front, all over lace cardigan knitted flat. My first garnment.

Could anyone recommend a tutorial on picking up stitches on lace? I’ll need to pick up stitches to create the neckline. I’ve only picked up stitches on stockinette. I found a few tutorials on YouTube but they got me confused - is there a difference between picking up stitches vs picking up and knitting?

Usually there’ll be a edge stitch or maybe a slip stitch selvedge stitch in the pattern. You can make sure that there is so that you’ll have someplace to pick up sts along the side of the neck. Picking up along the back may mean picking up in the cast on sts.

The terms picking up, and picking up and knitting are often used interchangeably so it can be confusing. To be very strict about this picking up is putting loops from stitches onto the needle. Picking up and knitting is putting the needle into a space, wrapping the yarn and pulling through a new loop. I don’t know that anyone takes this distinction very seriously.

Here’s a video which shows picking up along a lace edge.

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Thanks! Distinction between picking up and picking up and knitting much clearer now.

Since there is confusion between designers and knitters, it’s really left up to you which technique to use. Not much edge, maybe picking up is best. Need a sturdy edge on stockinette, then pick up and knit. I try to pick up and knit whenever possible.

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