Picking Up Stitches - Making A Purse

Help…I am making a purse (from the Pursenalities book) and I’ve cast on 15 rows and completed the garter stitch for 24 rows. The next step in the pattern is to “pick up the stitches on the remaining sides” and I believe end up with 60 stitches (not exactly sure since I don’t have the pattern right in front of me). Can someone shed some light on this instruction? I’ve looked up “picking up stitches” in some of my reference books, but it seems to be referring to collars and seams…

Thank you!


Excellent video here http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/misc.php

You will be picking up stitches along the sides of your rectangle in order to turn it into a bag/ tube. It end up with 60 stitches, you will pick up 15 stitches along one side, 15 stitches along your cast-on edge, and then another 15 stitches along your other side. When you continue knitting across your working row, that will make the 60 stitches.