Picking up stitches in the middle of a work

[color=green]Hi there!

i just registered and am really excited about this site! I just started knitting a month ago, and while i’m really good at following directions, the directions aren’t always explicit.

I’m working on a hat right now that’s supposed to have kitty ears. the pattern says to pick up sitches on the top of the hat for ears. For the life of me, i can’t figure out how to do this, and i’ve looked online for hints - which is how i found this site. Can anyone help!?

PS Amy, your site is extremely userfriendly and just amazingly well designed and sophisticated.


Welcome, Jenn! I’m glad you like the site! Thanks for the comments!

I haven’t done it before, but I would think that you would just poke the needle through the middle of a stitch on the hat, and pull up the yarn from the inside of the hat. It would be similar to how you pick up stitches along the side edge of the work. (See video in the Advanced Techniques section.) Just draw an imaginary line on the hat, where the shape of the ears would go, and pick up a stitch this way, in each stitch along that imaginary line.

Hope that helps.

[color=green]The problem I’m having with doing that is that the yarn gets stuck on the inside of the hat instead of on the outside, so it seems physically impossible to knit the ears.

So I guess my problem is more how do I get it so that the skein yarn is on the outside of the hat as i pick up the stitches than actually picking up stitches. [/color]

Aha! I see your problem!

How about this:

Push the yarn down through the stitch adjacent to what you want to be your last picked up stitch. Use that yarn from below to pick up your stitches (starting with the first stitch, and ending with the stitch next to where you pushed the yarn through, so the yarn is there when you need to work your next row).


I shall try it tonight when I get home from work![/color]