Picking up stitches for neck line

Pattern reads…"Pick up sets at a rate of 3 sets for every4 rows and each st from holder.
I don’t understand. Help please…

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Here’s a video for picking up sts.

It sounds like you’re to pick up stitches and when you come to some held sts, knit across then. Sometimes you then continue picking up sts after the held sts too. Can you give us a pattern name or a link to it?

Knitdesigns.com Covell Tee

I need specific help “at a rate of 3 sets for every 4 rows”

Pick up a stitch in every row for 3 rows, skip the 4th row and repeat these steps.

Th for help but I am still co fused. I am picking up stitches across a singular row for the neckline so “3 rows” doesn’t make sense to me. More help please. I appreciate it.

Across the single row, pick up approximately one stitch for every stitch. The directions you quoted imply that there are held sts here however. If you don’t have sts on a holder, then go for one st per st.
The photo looks like there is a curve to the neckline and therefore are sides to the neckband at least in the front. (This is as opposed to a boat neck which is straight across.) If there are sides at the neck, then that’s where you would pick up 3sts/4rows.