Picking up stitches around armhole

Very new to this site and I love it. How do I pick up stitches around armhole for sleeves?

Have you looked at the video for picking up stitches on the Tips page yet? You just leave a tail and start witn a new yarn end and put your needle into the ones around the armhole and wrap the yarn around it. You normally pick up 3 sts for every 4 around.

I’m not sure if you already know how to pick up stitches but here is a link to the page on this site where there is a free video about picking up stitches. LINK

So that is how you pick up stitches. If the question is how do I know how many to pick up here is some helpful information I gleaned from a really good book I have [I]Knitting Ganseys[/I] by Beth Brown-Reinsel (the book that has taught me the most about how a sweater is constructed without having to follow a pattern).

There are two ways to determine how many to pick up. Decide how deep you want the armhole to be (you can measure another sweater if you want). I’m talking about just one side of the armhole here measuring from shoulder to armpit. Take that measurement and multiply it by 2 and then multiply that answer by the stitch gauge you are working at. Armhole depth X 2 X your gauge= number of stitches to pick up.

The other way is to go by a percentage of total body stitches you have around the chest. Take the number of stitches you have around the chest and find 40% of that number and pick up that many. Say if you had 200 sts you would multiple 200 by .40 and the result is the number to pick up. 200 X .40= 80.

When you decide on the number you want to pick up (it doesn’t have to be exactly the number you get if there are other factors, like pattern stitches to fit in, or a non-standard fit you are after, but that should be your guide) pick up half of them from armpit to top of shoulder and the other half on the flip side.

Uhhh, flip side doesn’t mean to flip your work inside out. Just the other side of the armhole.