Picking up stitches around armhole

I am finally getting around to putting finishing touches on a jumper(dress). I’ve seamed shoulders and then I am to pick up 76 stitches around armhole. I have picked up a stitch in every stitch but still come up short. I think I picked up 74. Then I am supposed to do 6 rows of garter stitch. So is it really that important to have 76 stitches or should I pick up maybe 2 in several stitches to give me 76? Actually turned out to be 72. Looks evenly spaced, so should I just proceed on

Oh now another dilemma. I picked up stitches so does that count as my first row? I picked up right to left. So based on where my working yarn is, my next row will be a wrong side row.

Too few stitches could make the arm hole a little tight but you can choose what you prefer and what you think looks right. It sounds like it looks right with one in each stitch. If you wanted you could increase by another couple of stitches on the next row. As it is not a rib edging you are not restricted by needing a certain multiple number. Adding 1 more each end on row one would give a little extra to seam the edge with.

I would not count the pick up as the first row. I would count another 6, however again it’s up to you, you might like the edging narrower or wider.bare in mind the bind off edge adds another bit of width too.

Binding off knit wise but from the wrong side makes purl bumps on the right side which I love with garter stitch.
Another lovely bind off is the Icelandic bind off which really is lovely with a garter stitch and also stretchy. You might want to try it on a swatch to see if you like it.

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Ok that makes sense. So to increase on next row would knit regular and then tbl on each end do the trick

What type/style of sleeve are you doing? On a set in style picking up in every stitch and row isn’t likely to work so I think maybe it’s a drop shoulder style. I agree that increasing a few stitches to get the correct number should be fine. If you think about it, picking up stitches on an existing edge is a cast on. I usually won’t count the cast on as a row. In fact, I much prefer to knit to desired length and skip counting rows. That’s one reason I work things like sleeves two at a time. I can count rows 10 times and have 10 different numbers.

It’s not a sleeve. It’s just armhole trim for a jumper (dress). But since she will have a shirt on underneath I went ahead and increased 4 more stitches on the first row to get to 76. I don’t think it would have been too tight the first way but why take a chance. Kind of surprised that i couldn’t pick up enough stitches because the armhole measured out according to schematics. Oh well

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You didn’t say you were doing a sleeve. I claim sleep deprivation for my not reading more carefully. I’m glad it worked out for you. Will you post a photo please?


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Well got one armhole done and seamed up side seam so I was able to halfway try it on my granddaughter. It fits and her response “ I love it, thank you so much for making it for me. Made my day. You never know what a 7 yr old will say. The final push to finish!!


That is the mark of success! I hope we get to see a photo. It sounds lovely.

Glad to hear it’s working out - and great response from the little one - looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

On neck edge, it says pickup and k2 from shaped back edge, then k27 stitches from holder, then pick up and k2 stitches from shaped back edge, then 23 stitches from shaped front edge then 15 stitches from front holder then pick up and k 23 from shaped front edge. 92 stitches. Then I am to proceed to joining in round then ( k1 round,p 1 round) 3 times. So I am used to picking up all stitches then knitting but this sounds like I k as I go along. So am I picking up then slipping back to left needle to k then knitting from holder and on around?

Even simpler than that.
“Pick up and knit” or “pick up” mean the same thing. When you work the pick up of sts you put the right hand needle into the opening, wrap the yarn around it and pull the strand through the opening. It’s very similar to the knit stitch.
So just read these instructions as “pick up” the stitches and where applicable, knit from the holders.

So it’s really just a one step process? So you don’t have to knit that stitch you just picked up and just move on and knit stitches from holder? Is that correct?

Yes exactly, a one step process.
The name (pick up and knit) is confusing but think of it as merely “pick up stitches.” And yes, then move on to the stitches on the holder as you come to them.