Picking up stiches

Okay, so I have another question on my bastweave blanket (picture from the pattern)…The pattern says, #Change to CC and continue as follows:
Row 1:(wrong side) P2, turn
Row 2:K2, turn
Row 3: Inc one st (purlwise) in first st., p2tog, turn {I got this, thank you Ingrid}
Row 4: K3, turn
Row 5: Inc one st in first st, p2, p2tog, turn
Row 6: K4, turn
Row 7: Inc one st in first st, p2, p2tog - 5 sts.
[/b]**[b]Pick up and p5 sts down other side of same group of 5 sts, turn and k5, turn

So, my question… :?? (I looked up the way to pick up stiches from the video’s.) am I supposed to have a string behind the stiches? [/b]

I’ve never seen a pattern say pick up and purl. :??

I suppose you’d put the needle in from the back and pull the yarn through to the back. You shouldn’t have any strands going across, though.

I just looked picking up purlwise in a book, and you do put the needle in from back to front and pull the yarn through to the back.

hmmmm…I have 5 sts on my right hand needle, and the yarn in front, because I just purled a row and got 5 sts. The “side” of the set of 5 is in the middle of my needles, and the other stiches are on the left hand needle. How would I pick up on yarn from back to front, and which needle do I use? :wall: Then do I still purl the stiches? or is picking them up purling them?

You’ve got the 5 stitches on your needle, and from what I understand you’d put the right tip of the needle from the back to the front in the stitches on the edge that starts there, with the yarn in front and pull it through to the back.
Don’t do anything with the stitches on your left needle at this point, just turn and knit back on the ones you just picked up.

Here is a bit of a tutorial on entrelac (which is what you’re doing) that has pictures and directions. It should be somewhat helpful.

Ohhh…THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU :muah: YAY!!! :happydance:
Thank-you for replying so fast. :slight_smile: