Picking up after binding off, HELP!

[FONT=“Arial”][COLOR=“Red”]The pattern that I am working with is for a baby sweater. It asks to bind off loosely and then later, after stitching the pieces together, to pick up from the area that you have binded off to knit the collar. Does any one know how to do that? I would really appreciate it. I would love to get this sweater done before the baby outgrows it…[/COLOR][/FONT]

What kind of collar are you making?

There’s a vid here on KH for picking up sts. It’s in the Knitting Tips section.

StudioKnits also has ‘Working the Neck Band of a Sweater’ which shows how to pick up sts:


Either using attached yarn, or attaching it for the purposes of the pick up, I use a crochet hook to lift the loops of yarn that’ll be the live sts onto my ndl. If on a straight, horiz edge you’ll pick up 1-to-1. On curves or verts you’ll need to adjust the count to either match the pattern requirements or create a smooth flow…not too few or too many.