Picking or Throwing

Hi! I have had several people ask me if I am “a picker or a thrower” and I do not have a clue, as a new knitter, what they are talking about! I would appreciate some enlightenment on this. Thanks : :??

“Picker” refers to continental knitting where you hold the yarn in your left hand and ‘pick’ it with the tip of your needle to make the stitch.

“Thrower” refers to English knitting where you hold the yarn in your right hand and ‘throw’ or wrap it around the needle.

Amy shows both in her videos.

some of us are wierd, like me, and knit “continental” (yarn in the left hand), but still throw the yarn around the deenle, instead of pick it off ( which is more like a crochet motion).

Well I always knew I was weird, and this clinches it! That’s how I knit, and you explaining that it’s more like crocheting makes perfect sense to me now too! I crocheted for 15 years or so before picking up knitting. I can’t seem to hold my yarn in my right hand at all, and I knit really wonky IMO. I get the stitches done, and the work comes out looking okay… so what else matters, right??? :smiley:

Edit: I was just thinking {yes… I KNOW that’s dangerous this early in the morning, but I just woke up from 14 hours of sleep so I’m gonna take a chance!} When I crochet, I tend to “pick” my yarn with my hook more than I actually throw it around the hook… less motion for my wrists that way. :??

I’m with you, Hildie. That’s exactly how I knit! 30-odd years of crochet will do that to ya. I don’t think it’s so much “picking” as “scooping,” at least for me…when I crochet, I scoop the yarn with the hook. Same now with the knitting needle.


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