Picking a colour?

I’m going to try and sew up my Four Colour Sweater this weekend (see my blog for pics).

I’m just not sure which colour yarn to sew the sleeves onto the body with. Do I use the light blue? Or the dark blue? Or does it even matter?

I have yet to read up on sewing sleeves to the body of a sweater, does the technique hide the yarn used?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I’d so love to be able to give a good answer, but I’ve never made anything with sleeves (yet). There must be someone out there who has and can help though! For some reason, I’m leaning towards the dark blue, but again I shouldn’t be giving advice here.


PS I like your Sidar Summer top!

Thanks Carol. I am using the dark blue but as it turns out, you can’t even see it with the sewing up technique! I may even use the grey as I made a booboo and it was hard to pick out the seam against the dark blue sleeve.

I will perservere however! I really want to get back to my summer top! I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: