Picked up my "crochet hooks" need help

Hi all, Well I felt like switching gears for awhile…put down the needles and grabbed my hooks…I watched this video on “granny squares” and I can not figure out why the instructor (after the first round) does a “slip stitch” to the next corner??? Then begins her dc’s again…I have never seen this before, am I missing something???:hug: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehzxYaJFUX4

she slip stitches to join the square together, so that she can dc in the same corner. slip stitching creates the four corners. hope i helped some :aww:

watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963#p/c/E13D21C2E1F58CD7/14/11Wh7IOT9BI

i think that she explains it better.

thanks I just never did that…I just stitch to the “next” corner…maybe that’s why my “squares” look so wonky???

Glad I could help!:slight_smile:

First: There are two ways to crochet in the round. Join rounds and chain rise to next row [B]OR[/B] continue pattern in a spiral.

Granny square uses the join and rise. Because you want definable rounds.

Second: Use slip stitch in crochet to move the next stitch’s bottom location. In the video you referenced, the second round only stitches into the corner spaces of the first round. So you need to move your yarn over to the corner.

Your choices are:

  1. Break off and then join in corner space and continue in pattern (weave in ends later).
  2. Sl st to corner and then rising chain and DC in pattern into corner space.

Thanks Jack, glad you responded…I have never used slip sts to get to the “corner sp” maybe it’s the pat’s I’ve used…normally I end near the corner, then slip st in top of dc or whatever stitch…speaking of corner space, how do you (Jack) “join in the corner space”? Do you join your yarn with a chain stitch, then continue in pat? Thanks for any help…

I’d hold the tail on the WS and put my hook into the corner space and pull through a loop then reach over the ch sp and yo with both working yarn and tail for one chain complete. Ch again with both strands then drop tail and ch 1 for last of ch3 (count as 1st DC of 3 DC cluster in pattern.) It secures the tail and makes the ch3 thicker and more like a DC. This would work well for a color change too.

In same color:
My preference would be to sl st through the back loop (tbl) only to the next corner or perhaps turn and slip st back once into the corner space then chain and turn again. Most granny square patterns keep the RS facing you all through the pattern for a consistent look.

Granny squares use open space just like lace and doily patterns. Sometimes your join leaves you at the bottom of a space in the next round and you need to sl st to where you can do a rising chain that fits into your pattern repeats. With lace weight yarn or thread I often st st tbl only when moving from a space to the next stitch to be worked. It helps to keep a similar appearance at the bottom of the spaces.

Gotcha!!! Thanks again:hug:

I understand granny squares and I can make up my simple blanket patterns but the hats, and clothes and actual blanket patterns are a mystery to me still any good instructional sites??? Thanks in advance :muah: :muah:

Hi Jennie, you could take a look at my website which is www.HookedOnNeedles.com and click on ‘crocheting’ at the top of the sidebar to get a list of many video and picture tutorials and patterns for blankets and hats and such. Perhaps you’ll find something there that can help get you started.


Thank you sooo much for your link…fabulous!!! What do you have on Broomstick Lace??? That’s my latest faze…:muah:

Nothing yet! Would you like something on Broomstick Lace? I would be happy to put that on my list.

Glad you like my site and hope you will come back soon for a visit!


Yes!!! ASAP, found a “few” links on Youtube…hurry get some on yours…can’t wait. Thanks again…

Oh my, now calm down here! :wink: These things take time!

I’ve actually been hoping for a little inspiration for something new to do, so this will be good. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!


Cheley, you do know that MGM produces, writes, directs, and is the only star in all her [S]movies[/S] videos. :wink:

Must be something about her initials… :slight_smile:


ummm I did figure that out…what’s your point??? (not being sarcastic)…:aww:

The first is to express it will take some time. Mary Grace does it all and likely more than just vid’s and posts on her blog, Hooked on Needles

Second :think: (what did I say? Oh, the initials) did you ever hear of a large movie studio called Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)?

Curious coincidence? Or is Mary Grace destined to make videos? :slight_smile:

Yes, I do know what MGM (Metro Goldwyn is) and my reply to her did sound urgent…only because no one else has “patterns”/tuts for br stick lace that I can find on line, :think: …Thanks for your reply…gotcha

Just thought I’d let you know that I have posted my first video on Broomstick Lace. I started a new thread but since we were discussing it here, I’ll share the link here too… HERE it is!

I’ll have a few more soon…increasing and decreasing.



Well done…thanks soo much for sharing with me, now I’m off to finds some patterns:hug: