Pick up stitches through the stitches of the back (not cast-on edge)

I am knitting the daisy sweater.

The pattern has you knit ~8 inches of the back flat, and then you start to knit the front of the garment via this technique that I can’t quite understand. The pattern is knitted with mohair + wool (so two threads) but I am only knitting it with wool.

Note: Measure about 100 cm from the two threads and pick up the sts by starting at the neckline keeping the threads connected to the skein on the right, then slip the sts over the cable so you can knit a RS row.
Pick up the sts by stitching through the sts of the back (not the cast on edge) to knit the front band continuously.

My question(s):

How do you pick up stitches by stitching through the stitches of the back? If not picking up the stitches from the cast-on edge - what stitches am I picking up? The row right below the cast-on edge? How do you pick up stitches that are not cast-on edge ?

Yes, pick up in the line of Vs directly below the cast on edge. This works for both the cast on and cast off edges.

Hey, thank you for sharing this video with us, it really helps.

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